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How to Build a Scheduling App like Calendly

Explore the list of libraries used for both the Apple and Android calendar app development. It avoids overlapping meeting times, keeps other hooked members notified in case of any plan changes and prevents the cross-wiring of meetings and schedules. While ensuring the plans of every other connected member fall on the same page. However, it’s […]

ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot for Universities, Colleges & Higher Ed

The education bot proves to be very efficient here providing every detail about courses, fees, syllabus, admissions, and so on. This will increase transparency and foster positive relationships with students and their parents. Ada Support offers automated support to students, answers frequently asked questions, assists with enrollment, and provides real-time guidance on various academic matters. […]

What Is Planning Poker: Understanding the Estimating Technique

The reason to use planning poker is to avoid the influence of the other participants. If a number is spoken, it can sound like a suggestion and influence the other participants’ sizing. Planning poker should force people to think independently and propose their numbers simultaneously. Also, this encourages diverse opinions, which can help consider factors […]